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Pizza Stuffed Pretzels

by Max on March 26, 2010 · 0 comments

in Grub

Everyone loves pizza and everyone loves pretzels, so pizza stuffed pretzels must be damn good.  The recipe is pretty simple and it does not require a lot of ingredients, just one of those tubes of pizza crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

Check out more photos and directions here.


Interesting way to make popcorn

by Max on March 13, 2010 · 0 comments

in General, Grub

I don’t even want to try to guess how many people are going to try to spit popcorn over an open flame.  But I think it would be safe to say that nobody reading this would be dumb enough to stick a burning torch into their mouth just to see if they can pop popcorn.



Awesome Finger Food

by Magnus on March 2, 2010 · 0 comments

in Grub

You know you love creeping people out.  Check out this disgusting creation served up for Halloween or just to gross your family out.  Awesome.

It’s really just meatloaf with some onions, ketchup, and cheese.

Check it out at


Heart Attack Grill

by Max on March 1, 2010 · 0 comments

in Grub

In Chandler Arizona there is a much talked about burger joint called the Heart Attack Grill.  Everything they sell is “bad” for you, from the Quadruple Bypass Burgers to the no-filter cigarettes, flatliner fries and huge cans of Jolt cola. If the food does not get  heart to skip a beat or two, their waitresses dress as nurses in skimpy little nurse outfits.

Do you weigh more than 350 pounds?  If so, you eat free.  All you can eat, but the drinks are not included.  Want to see more of the Heart Attack Grill Nurses or photos of the Burgers? [Go and read the rest…]


Make Your Own Corn Nuts

by Max on February 28, 2010 · 0 comments

in Grub

Corn nuts are damn good.  I knew there had to be a simple way to make them at home, so I did a little research.  All the recipes seemed to be the same, so I figured I would give one a shot and see how they come out. 

First thing I learned was the hardest part of this recipe was to find the correct corn.  Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just use corn that you would buy in a bag for popping.  Lucky for me, I live in Texas, so finding [Go and read the rest…]


Chocolate Covered Bacon

by Max on February 24, 2010 · 1 comment

in Grub

Everything tastes better with bacon. Bacon is good. Chocolate is good. so why wouldn’t chocolate covered bacon be good? I have yet to try this treat which is found at many state fairs alongside the deep fried snickers bar or deep fried twinkie. Check out the super easy recipe below.

What you will need:  [Go and read the rest…]

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Eat Dirt

February 23, 2010 Grub

Believe it or not, people eat dirt and they say it is pretty good.  They do eat a special type of dirt from Georgia commonly called, White Dirt.  There are other names for this “edible” dirt such as white clay, kaolin, porcelain clay, chalk or aluminum silicate hydroxide.
When people that know of white dirt think [...]

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Thick Sweet and Spicey Rib Sauce

February 21, 2010 Grub

This sauce is meant to be put on the ribs near the end of the cooking.  The heat from the grill will give the sauce a great flavor and texture as it sticks to the ribs.  The recipe below makes about a cup and a half of sauce.    If you do not like jalapeno peppers, [...]

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Top hangover snack from a gas station identified

February 19, 2010 Booze

We hit the streets this week and asked people what kind of snack would they pick up from a gas station if they were hung over.  Although the results varied greatly, some snacks stood out as a favorite of many.  I had to research some of the snacks because they seemed like more of a [...]

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Cream cheese filled Jalapenos wrapped in bacon

February 15, 2010 Grub

Impress your buddies at your next BBQ with easy to make, but fricken awesome cream cheese filled jalapeno bacon poppers.   Pay attention to the warnings below about when you are handling the peppers. 

What you need:
1 – pack of sliced bacon (uncooked, approximately 12 pieces)
12 – medium sized jalapeno peppers (or enough for 1 per slice of bacon [...]

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